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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

So the big day is nearly upon us! There is not long to go now until Santa pops down all the chimneys!
I don't know about you but it is almost Christmas Eve and we have not yet planned our menu.
My father & I like to cook something a bit special on Christmas Day but this year we have not been as organised as we probably should of been.
One thing I do know is that I will preparing these tasty little creatures. 
I made these blinis last year and they were definitely a hit in our household! 
Perfect to enjoy with a glass of bucks fizz whilst opening some gifts.
They are fairly straight forward to make, I just like to take a little extra time with the presentation.

I just do two different types, one with smoked salmon and one with king prawns but it really depends on your own taste :)

For the salmon blinis you will need:
Pickled beetroot, smoked salmon, horseradish sauce, capers, blinis and a lemon!
You can make your own blinis if you have time; however there is already lots to prepare on Christmas Day so I opt for the ready made ones which are available at most large supermarkets.
These require a short time in the oven, check your packets for details! 
I then slice a very thin slither of beetroot and place this on the blini. 
Next I arrange some smoked salmon on top and pop a splodge of horseradish on the salmon. I only use a small amount as it has quite a strong flavour but again, alter to taste.
To finish I add a couple of capers, a squeeze of lemon juice and a little lemon zest for colour and voila! you are all done. So quick but so scrumptious.

For the prawn blinis you will need:
Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, prawns (larger ones are better), coriander spring onions, blinis, sweet chilli sauce, tomato puree and soy sauce.
As above, check cooking times for the blinis.
To start in a frying pan add the prawns, a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce, a tablespoon of soy sauce and a little tomato puree. 
Put on a medium high heat until the prawns are cooked and the sauce starts to thicken and become sticky. Once cooked, leave aside to cool a little.
Whilst the prawns are cooling peel the skin from the cucumber and cut a thin slice, place this on the blini first.
Cut a thin slice of the cherry tomato and pop on top.
Next add a prawn with a little of the reduced sauce and place a couple of thinly slices spring onion on top. 
Finish off with a coriander leaf for flavour and colour and then enjoy!
This one is a little bit more technical but definitely worth the effort.

These would both be perfect for a little taster with the family on Christmas Day or for any festive party you may be hosting. Either way, enjoy and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!

J xxx
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