Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Next up on my baking journey, I attempted a filled loaf. 
This didn't really go to plan, I had a massive issue with the use of yeast.
For some unknown reason, I just could not figure it out.
Then catching up on a bake off master class, I released I had done an ultimate baking no no.
I put the salt on top of the yeast, I believe this deactivates it? Which is why I got no rise!
Still with this set back, the final product actually looked quite good & was rather tasty.

This recipe is by Richard from The Great British Bake Off & after I tweeted a photo of my creation, the man himself tweeted back! Claim to baking fame!
I would give this recipe an 7 in terms of difficulty.
There are lots of different elements to get right, with the dough, structure & filling.
However if you follow all the instructions, he has made it fairly easy to follow & as I had never baked any bread before this, I think the outcome was okay!

For the recipe, please see this link.

Have a go & enjoy!

J. x


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