Thursday, 11 August 2011

So a few of the perks of still living at home is that I have a few spare pounds which would of normally gone to some sort of bill. 
Instead this week, I have decided to just blow it all. This is mostly down to Llymlrs, going through her blog the other day I found lots of cute little websites that I haven't come across before.
For anyone that doesn't know me or does in fact, I am a pretty simple dresser, I don't normally go for prints or bright colours. I enjoy black, nude & grey. 
HOWEVER I do love to accessorize, sometimes the crazier the better. 
Shoes, rings, watches, cuffs, bags.
Leopard, studs, skulls, stones, sparkles.
I recently came across these little beauties & am awaiting their arrival....
The shoes need no explanation, they are to die! 2 of my favourite things on one of my favourite things!!!
I like every other blogger needed to get their hands on the YSL arty ring, however my bank balance wouldn't allow it. So found that Love Hearts and Crosses did a pretty good copy of it which is very affordable!
Also been craving to purchase something from House of Harlow, each item is absolutely beautifully boho.
Finally came across the winning item which was the gold cuff! 
The only thing I am upset about is that the majority of these have to be shipped from America & may take up to 4 weeks! Ahhhhhh...!
I'm pretty sure they are worth the wait.

Peanut Crunch Sandals: Kandee Shoes. Armour Chain Ring: Romwe. Silver & Turquoise Chunky Stone Ring: Gold & Black Chunky Stone Ring: Purple Stone Druzy Ring: Silver Feather Friendship Bracelet: Silver Bird Skull Necklace: ALL Love Hearts and Crosses. House of Harlow Gold Cutout Cuff: NastyGal.



  1. beautifull akcessories!

  2. so many pretty accessories! :) x


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