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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Photo from 5 inch and up.
Photo from 5 inch and up.

So whilst reading through my selection of daily blogs I came across these shoes on 5 inch and up. Now over the summer I did an internship with Felder Felder & these shoes happened to be part of their Spring Summer 2011 collection that was shown at London Fashion Week.
Now they are stocking at Urban Outiftters which is rather exciting as maybe I can now get my hands on a pair!
The shoes below are the ones I contributed to whilst on placement there. The theme of the collection was pagan/witchcraft meets neon/acid. 

So whilst on the subject of placement, I have a few photos from my time a Felder Felder. I know it's VERY late as Fashion Week was months ago, but I didn't have my blog then & better late than never eh?

Backstage at London Fashion Week...

We went to Nobu for the Felder Felder Afterparty & got to enjoy these many cocktails....yum.

Whilst on placement we also got to go to a very fabulous Marie Claire September issue party & all got to wear Felder Felder dresses.

That's all for now,
Sorry for the crazy amount of photos.


Monday, 20 December 2010

 So firstly I would like to discuss my extreme love for the YSL arty oval ring. I want it so bad, I believe it is on every single fashion bloggers wish list for Christmas! 
I thought it would be a lot more expensive than what it is, it retails at £115. I think it is an investment that will last a life time.
I really like it in this khaki colour seen below.
Santa, if you're reading, you know what to do...

So whilst walking home from work today, I decided to see what new colours Barry M had for me.
I found this Red Glitter one which I had to purchase as it is perfect for the Holiday season.

Sorry for the short post today, my life has been filled with snow & work & will hopefully get writing more interesting things for you as soon as possible...


Friday, 17 December 2010

 This is my first outfit post, so be kind. 

For anyone that knows me I LOVE anything leopard print. I love to go onto websites and search leopard to see what new exciting things they have to offer me. I have recently found this Leopard vanity case from Topshop & this Leopard trolley to match...... Christmas wish list? YES PLEASE!

I'm also in love with my new ring featured in this post. Can't remember where I got it from but it was some Gothic jewelery shop online.

Leather Jacket from Ebay, Black tee from M&S, Black skirt from H&M, Tights & scarf from Topshop, Shoes & bag from New Look.


So I made this AMAZING Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie a little while ago & I feel I have to share it with the world as it was SO good & surprisingly easy to make.

I got the recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, I feel that everyone needs to own this book. I want to make every single thing in there! yummm...

So to make this you will need:
200g dark chocolate
200g unsalted butter
250g icing sugar
3 eggs
110g plain flour
400g cream cheese
150g icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
Cream Topping:
300ml whipping cream
100g icing sugar
150g raspberries-plus extra to decorate

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees c, gas mark 3.

To make the brownie:
Melt the chocolate. Whisk up the butter & sugar. Add one egg at a time. Mix well as you go along. Gradually beat in the flour. Pour in the melted chocolate. Mix well & ensure mixture is smooth. Pour into a baking tray and smooth over.

To make the cheesecake:
Whisk up the cream cheese, sugar & vanilla extract until smooth & thick. Add one egg at a time. Mix until light & fluffy. Spoon over the brownie mixture & smooth over. Bake in the over for 30-40 minutes until cheesecake is firm to touch & lightly golden around the edges. Leave to cool. Then cover & refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight if possible.

Listening to a bit of Mumford & sons while I bake...

To make the cream topping:
Whisk the cream, sugar & raspberries until firm. Spread on top of the cheesecake & decorate with the extra raspberries.

Lastly, ENJOY!

For better & more in depth instructions please purchase The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. You won't be disappointed.



Tuesday, 14 December 2010

So last week I went down to Cardiff to visit my little sister, we did a bit of shopping & went for a nice meal.
I decided to wear my new shearling booties from New Look & thought they would be the most comfortable things in the world as they only have a small heel.....little did I know I was wrong.
I was in so much pain.....must of been all the shopping!
We went back to hers for cheesecake, wine & I FINALY got to watch Sex & the City 2, which I thought was so much better than the first one!

The next day I went down to Newport to visit a couple of friends. It was rather nice, we went to Revolution, who have the best cocktails.....& one of the worst which I only now just remember drinking.

Rhiannon (left) & Me (right)
I got some new hair extensions, which are slightly too long to have down loose, but I like them clipped to one side.

A few new presents for myself...

I LOVE false eyelashes, so as its coming up to Christmas & everyone loves a bit of sparkle, I thought I would purchase a couple of the Girls Aloud party lashes.
I'm yet to try them out but I hope they look good!

I also got slightly carried away with buying new nail varnishes, Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on, (offers are my worst nightmare, I will buy anything, even if its the last thing I need).
So I brought these:
Barry M Nail Effect polish
Barry M Raspberry
Barry M Grey
Barry M Pink Iridescent
Barry M Mushroom
Barry M Hologram

My favourites are definitely the Mushroom as it reminds me of the Chanel one & the Pink Iridescent, as it is pink & sparkly, what more would I want?

I also needed a new black going out bag, I bought this beauty from New Look.
I love it, however not so keen that there is no zip pocket inside and just a magnetic fastening on the front. I managed to lose my favourite lip gloss & my favourite lipstick....sad times.

I have seen many people wearing these House of Holland for Pretty Polly Gold chain Suspender tights, so decided to invest in some.
Also bought myself some polka dot tights so I can layer them up with black knee highs and my shearling booties.

That's all for now...


Thursday, 2 December 2010

So this is my first post of what I hope to be many. I will be filling it with my wants & needs. My lusts & loves. And general things that inspire me.
I doubt many people will be interested in little old me, but if you are, then this is for you.

So, an introduction to well, me...Pretty standard for a girl of my age, but I love fashion. I love glamour. I love beauty.
I did fashion design at uni & now hope to continue in the industry.
I'm hoping this blog will help me get my passion back from where ever it seems to of hidden.
Lets hope I do...

As for tonight I am making fajitas for the family & having a relaxing bath away from the freezing cold snow that has taken over Britain.I shall listen to Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown & catch up on Vogue & Elle...

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