Monday, 15 August 2011

So my Love/Hate topic of today is the gym, I'm pretty sure we all have our own opinions of that dreaded yet wonderful place.
I have always enjoyed food and cooking and have always put this before having a perfectly slender beautiful body. Although I may have enjoyed the food, I no longer (& haven't for a while) enjoy the way I look.
So this year I decided to make a change, I took up running and I actually realised I quite enjoy it! I stuck to a very healthy diet and managed to shift a stone of my unwanted weight. I then decided to join the gym and it was going so well! I went pretty much every day or every other for an hour to three hours at a time. Went to all kinds of classes, swimming and the regular gym. I stuck to this for about a month and a half and then I don't know what happened.
My gym buddy couldn't go for a couple of weeks so I decided I would have a bit of a break also and I pretty much haven't been since. This was 2 months ago...
I have got lazy again and put almost all the weight back on. It's not that I don't like the gym, I love it once I'm there however I hate it when I'm curled up in bed or lazing around the house. I just keep thinking I'll go tomorrow which NEVER happens.
I need my motivation back and I need to get back on track. I just don't know how to do this.
It also sucks as I am paying £2459590000 (not literally) every month to not go to the gym.
Must find inspiration!!!



  1. once i get into it i love it but if i have a break i simply do not want to go back ever x

  2. i've never been to a gym and lately i cant stop thinking how badly i need to go, but def lack motivation and i keep making excuses not to i guess thats a hate!

  3. I love fitnes and gym!!I come back to exercises after pregnancy
    please visit me in free time:)


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