Monday, 8 August 2011

So last week it was my little sisters 20th birthday & we decided to travel down to Bournemouth. Planned it out to be a nice relaxing day, sit on the beach, have a paddle in the sea & get something to eat. HOWEVER. It turned out to be an extremely stressful day! What should have been a 2 hour journey actually turned out to take us 5 HOURS!!! Was ridic.
The main turning for Bournemouth was shut so we had to major detour which was only made better by extreme gridlock for the majority of the way. This was not made any better by the fact that it was 30degrees outside & we had no aircon. Hideous.
When we finally arrived & my mother chose the appropriate parking we were rather fed up. The sun had decided to disappear & the beach was crazy busy!
So we decided to go for something to eat & found a pizza express nearby. We were the only customers in there so we figured the service would be amazing right? Wrong. The staff we less than enthusiastic & it took them 10 minutes to get a drink order!
Coming from the hospitality background I find this completely ridiculous & just plain rude (how I would of loved to be a mystery diner!).
We finally received our meals & moved on...
Luckily the sun had now come out & the beach had been vacated of most of the people, so we had a stroll along the beach.
I recently got an iphone & am in LOVE with the hipstamatic app as you can see! So expect this to be a slight signature of mine!
Also. Sorry another rant approaching!
The beach itself was actually really beautiful however what wasn't so beautiful was the fact that the beach had now been completely littered with everyones rubbish!!! What is it with the english?!? There's bins for a reason, it doesn't take much to carry your rubbish to the bin! If you went to a beach in France or Portugal or pretty much anywhere that wasn't in the UK you wouldn't see a single piece of litter!
No wonder the English have such a bad name!

But yes, it turned out to be quite a nice day (minus the dramas).


Black studded vest top: ASOS Sunglasses: Forever21.


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