Tuesday, 14 December 2010

So last week I went down to Cardiff to visit my little sister, we did a bit of shopping & went for a nice meal.
I decided to wear my new shearling booties from New Look & thought they would be the most comfortable things in the world as they only have a small heel.....little did I know I was wrong.
I was in so much pain.....must of been all the shopping!
We went back to hers for cheesecake, wine & I FINALY got to watch Sex & the City 2, which I thought was so much better than the first one!

The next day I went down to Newport to visit a couple of friends. It was rather nice, we went to Revolution, who have the best cocktails.....& one of the worst which I only now just remember drinking.

Rhiannon (left) & Me (right)
I got some new hair extensions, which are slightly too long to have down loose, but I like them clipped to one side.

A few new presents for myself...

I LOVE false eyelashes, so as its coming up to Christmas & everyone loves a bit of sparkle, I thought I would purchase a couple of the Girls Aloud party lashes.
I'm yet to try them out but I hope they look good!

I also got slightly carried away with buying new nail varnishes, Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on, (offers are my worst nightmare, I will buy anything, even if its the last thing I need).
So I brought these:
Barry M Nail Effect polish
Barry M Raspberry
Barry M Grey
Barry M Pink Iridescent
Barry M Mushroom
Barry M Hologram

My favourites are definitely the Mushroom as it reminds me of the Chanel one & the Pink Iridescent, as it is pink & sparkly, what more would I want?

I also needed a new black going out bag, I bought this beauty from New Look.
I love it, however not so keen that there is no zip pocket inside and just a magnetic fastening on the front. I managed to lose my favourite lip gloss & my favourite lipstick....sad times.

I have seen many people wearing these House of Holland for Pretty Polly Gold chain Suspender tights, so decided to invest in some.
Also bought myself some polka dot tights so I can layer them up with black knee highs and my shearling booties.

That's all for now...



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