Monday, 28 February 2011

I couldn't get enough of Snapple peach ice tea. Do we sell it in England? And for anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE guacamole, so I was extremely excited when I came across these guacachips in one of the supermarkets!  After Central Park we headed over to the Upper West Side to check out New York Fashion Week at the Lincon Centre. Not sure who she is but lots of people were taking tons of photos of her! Thought this girl was so cute! Loved her hair. I feel like this man just dressed like this to get attention...and it worked! Attention he got. Street style photos. Loved the furs! Hard Rock Cafe; my favourite place on earth! Ferris wheel in Toys r' us. The Barbie & My Little Pony cars were definitely the best ones there! My sister loving the Barbie Mansion. Display in Forever21. EVERYBODY NEEDS A KEN. For Valentines day 2011. The guys looked extremely plastic, freaked me out a bit. Planet Hollywood for an early dinner. Me loving the Mojitos. My rather large but amazing burrito! Had to take half home with me. Wearing New Look tunic. Michael Kors watch. Felder Felder cuff. Times Square. Empire State Building on Valentines. Went completely against Valentines & went to a Carney gig at the Bowery Ballroom. Never heard of them before but I absolutely loved it. The ballroom is a really cute little cool place, if I was a New Yorker I would definitely hang out there as much as I could.

Day 3 coming soon!



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