Thursday, 7 February 2013

Photos 1, 11 & 12 are from On/Off
All others are my own.

I cannot begin to explain how amazing it was to get to meet the lady herself, let alone work personally with her on her first show in 30 years. Zandra Rhodes was pretty much the reason why I decided to go into fashion when I little. It was most definitely a once in a lifetime experience.
This show was a retrospective of her previous collections and it was an honour to be able to take part in a show like this. Zandra Rhodes herself even gave me a lesson on her secrets of ironing, she advised me to spit on the iron and if it sizzled, it was hot enough to start ironing. True story. However, I could not bring myself to do this with vintage Rhodes!
The show was packed, the queue was out the door, the clothes were beautiful and the shoes were insane.
Everything you would want from Paris.



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